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Fast electric steam steriliser with UK 3 pin plug

The NUK Vario Express electric steam steriliser sterilises up to six baby bottles or four baby bottles plus a basket of accessories quickly and reliably in around 6 minutes.

Once switched on, this modern NUK steam steriliser heats up and boils the water inside. Efficiently generating steam of 90°c or more, germs are killed and you can rely on all the parts being sterilised. With the lid remaining in place, these items remain germ-free in the appliance for up to 24 hours.

Activate and forget

It just takes the touch of a button to start the cleaning process - once sterilising has been completed the appliance switches itself off automatically, meaning bottles and soothers can be so easily sterilised without taking up any extra time.

With its modern and compact design, the NUK Vario Express electric steam steriliser suits every kitchen.


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More than six decades of innovation and inspiration

60 years ago, the first NUK products were launched. A lot has changed since then. But what has stayed the same is a baby’s need for love and a feeling of safety and the desire of you, their parents, to make the best start in life possible for them. NUK continues to support you in doing that today, tomorrow and in the future.

The history of NUK baby feeding products is long and exciting. It ranges from the invention of a natural teat suited to the jaw, to the very latest soft and elastic Perfect Match teats which adapt to your baby.

With great products for learning to eat to new household and care products, NUK continues to come up with fresh ideas for simplifying the lives of children and parents.