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The NUK Cleft Palate Teat - for children with a cleft palate

This teat has been designed so that the large mouthpiece of the teat seals the cleft in the palate.

Important Warning

The feed hole in the teat must be manually made for each individual infant. This should be done under medical supervision, according to the position of the cleft in the infant's palate.

The NUK teats offered for sale here are supplied as individually boxed reusable teats, non-sterile. Each teat comes complete with a set of multi-lingual instructions.

NUK Special Teat Range

NUK has developed this special teat, in the original NUK orthodontic shape, for children with a cleft palate.

This teat is designed as a feeding aid and it can be used with any standard neck bottle. It is precisely when feeding and drinking aids are required that physiological and psychological needs are often not met.

For newborn babies affected by this condition, ingestion can be associated with considerable problems. The reason for this is the inability of these infants to generate an intraoral vacuum, thus making sucking impossible.

This is not only the case for breastfeeding, but also for bottlefeeding using commercially available teats. It is extremely difficult for these infants to suck, and in many cases it can be impossible.

To help these infants learn to suck with some degree of success, NUK has developed this special teat based on scientific knowledge.* This teat is based on the specific, anatomical-morphological conditions of the alveolar region of children born with clefts - both in form and function.

* Source: Dipl.-Bio. Susanne Hummel, Institut für Anthropologie der Universität Goettingen. Published: Eine Saughilfe für Saeuglinge mit Lippen-Kiefer-Gaumen-Spalte/Fortschritte der Kieferorthopädie, (1987), 26-33 (Nr.1)

Feed hole creation - under medical supervision

Each teat comes complete with instructions and illustrations regarding making the feed hole. Read the leaflet thoroughly before proceeding.

A feeding hole can be made in the teat using a hot needle. However, it is more hygienic to push a toothpick from the inside against the teat and then to cut off the tip of both the toothpick and teat. Make the hole as small as possible, as you can always make it bigger if needed.

The feeding hole should be made on the outer edge of the mouthpiece on the side furthest away from the cleft. It should not be made on the underside, as otherwise the hole will be covered by the tongue.

One of the most important characteristics of the NUK Cleft Palate Teat is that it promotes the natural sucking reflex and milking action when feeding. With every mouthful that the infant takes the large arched roof of the teat presses against the palate, which seals the cleft allowing milk to flow into the fold of the cheek. This stops the milk from entering the respiratory tracts, preventing the infant from choking. Milk is therefore mixed with saliva, which is important for the subsequent digestion process. The NUK Cleft Palate Teat easily fits on any standard neck bottle.

Hygiene and safety

This product is supplied non-sterile, and must be sterilised by immersion in boiling water before first use.

Please read and understand the comprehensive sterilisation and safety instructions included with each teat prior to use.

Feed hole must be made under medical supervision.

The NUK Teat conforms with EN 14350.



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