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Express directly to NUK First Choice+ or Perfect Match bottles

Supplied with a 150ml Perfect Match bottle with soft size S teat for feeding human milk

Teat recommendation from the First Choice+ range is size 1 silicone (S).

Main features


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The included funnels will suit the majority of mums. There are no larger or smaller funnels available at time of writing.

For effective pain-free expressing it is important that the nipple moves freely in and out of the narrowest part of funnel with space around. The supplied funnels have 24mm and 27mm diameter nipple tunnels.

In comparison, the large mains powered yellow or green hospital pumps (UK NHS) are fitted with ‘medium’ funnels as standard with tunnel diameters of 24mm, 25mm or 26mm dependent upon brand and which end of the tunnel is being measured. If you were comfortable with those hospital funnels, one of these included NUK funnels will be a good fit. If in doubt as to what you have been using, ask us before purchase and we will confirm. The 27mm size is marketed as ‘large’ by most brands.

The NUK funnel is made mostly of soft silicone. It can be held gently in place for a comfortable fit. There are no hard edges.

In use

This is a highly portable pump giving mum the freedom to choose her preferred comfortable and quiet space for expressing. The integrated rechargeable battery allows you to take your breast pump with you wherever you go, with up to 120 minutes battery life on full charge. Most mums will find this enough for 3-4 expressing sessions. The manufacturer quotes a weight of 1.29kg for this pump, however, that includes the box, manual etc. The actual weight of pump and parts is approximately 500g

To charge, use the supplied NUK USB cable and plug into any USB charger (not included) rated 5V DC and at least 1A. Higher than 1A is fine because the device will only draw the current need to charge, but the voltage must not exceed 5V (standard for USB). The battery can also be charged whilst expressing.

The NUK Soft and Easy pump is simple to operate with a display that’s clearly visible in the dark.

Initially, the pump needs to be in let down/stimulation mode which has a rapid cycle with low suction, mimicking what a baby does to stimulate the flow of milk.

Once the milk is flowing a baby will slow down and work harder, therefore the pump speed also needs to be reduced and vacuum increased.

This NUK single pump has three cycle (speed) settings and nine vacuum strengths.

What's included?


The NHS recommends sterilising all feeding equipment each time you use it for at least the first 12 months of your baby's life. In practice, this means everything except the pump, the tube and the white membrane cap. So from the bottom up that means the bottle, bottle adapter (if fitted), valve, threaded funnel connector, funnel and membrane.

Although teat.shop is ‘exclusively’ NUK, we are an independent business. Prior to working with NUK, we sold a wide range of breastpumps for many years. Regardless as to which brand of pump you use, teat.shop recommends old-fashioned cold-water sterilisation methods (Milton or similar) wherever possible for soft plastic parts, alternatively NUK Vario Express electric steam (not the sort with tightly fitting lids which can get excessively hot).

Saucepans can boil dry when distracted, microwaves can heat unevenly - sometimes resulting in disaster for the smaller parts. Applicable to all brands of pump, a damaged valve or membrane will render it completely useless until replaced. Accidentally damaging small parts by heating is surprisingly common. No-one ever managed to melt breast pump parts in cold water. The tube does not need to be sterilised - if you get it wet it must be thoroghly dried before reconnecting to the pump.

Before expressing

Confidence is key. Expressing is an acquired skill that takes practice to build self-confidence. It is important to find a suitable environment in which to settle to express.

Read the manual thoroughly, examine the pump parts and give yourself time to assemble the parts with care so that the critical components (flow valve, membrane and membrane cap) are properly set. An air leak in the membrane will severely affect performance.

If separated from baby, focusing on their picture or smelling a piece of their clothing can be helpful.

This single electric breast pump kit from NUK includes everything you need to get expressing.


We do not recommend placing in the dishwasher as this can cause material damage.

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More than six decades of innovation and inspiration

60 years ago, the first NUK products were launched. A lot has changed since then. But what has stayed the same is a baby’s need for love and a feeling of safety and the desire of you, their parents, to make the best start in life possible for them. NUK continues to support you in doing that today, tomorrow and in the future.

The history of NUK baby feeding products is long and exciting. It ranges from the invention of a natural teat suited to the jaw, to the very latest soft and elastic Perfect Match teats which adapt to your baby.

With great products for learning to eat to new household and care products, NUK continues to come up with fresh ideas for simplifying the lives of children and parents.