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For pre-term babies weighing less than 1750g, supplied sterile

Can only be made available to health professionals. Please contact us in order to purchase this soother.

Made from natural rubber latex. Sterile, individually packed and ready-to-use. Recommended for short-term application only. Not for resale.

Advantages of NUK Premature Soothers

  • Special products, clinically tested to stimulate and train the sucking reflex.
  • Oral contentment
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Longer periods of rest and sleep
  • Promotes the development of the gastro-intestinal function and the growth process overall
  • Suitable for application during probe
  • Highly elastic and tensile strong
  • BPA, BPS and phthalate free
Nuk specialist premature soother, ready to use, 10.107.029

Photograph © Copyright R Cassidy 2018

NUK Special Disposable Soother <1750g (40)

Product code: 10.107.029


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Not round for a reason

Over 60 years ago two dental health practitioners, Prof. Dr.Balters and Dr. med. dent. Müller, discovered that the female nipple changes its shape during breastfeeding, thus ensuring an optimal coordination of all the muscles of the mouth and jaw.

This precise asymmetric shape has, to this day, been taken as a model for all NUK Teats and Soothers and has resulted in NUK being a key supplier to children’s hospitals throughout Europe.

For decades, NUK has studied the shape of soothers in every detail, developed it further and continuously adjusted it based on the latest medical findings. This has resulted in the healthy training of all mouth functions and as natural a sucking sensation as possible.


This product is supplied sterile, sealed in tamper evident packaging, ready to use.
These soothers are designed to be used once only and discarded.
Do not microwave.