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NUK Medicpro Disposable Teat, bottle and Soother range

As used in the NHS.

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NUK disposable teats

NUK Medicpro disposable teats

Teats which incorporate the NUK Anti-Colic Air System

NUK disposable orthodontic teats have a 40mm locking ring to fit standard (narrow) necked bottles by NUK, leading NHS suppliers and breast pump manufacturers.

The NUK Anti-Colic Air System helps to equalise air pressure inside the bottle, reducing the risk of baby swallowing air and thus infant colic.

Buy size 1 latex small feed hole 10.140.008

Buy size 1 latex medium feed hole 10.140.009

Buy size 1 latex large feed hole 10.140.10

Buy size 1 TPE small feed hole 10.147.001

Buy size 1 TPE medium feed hole 10.147.002

Buy size 2 latex medium feed hole 10.141.015

Buy size 2 latex large feed hole 10.141.016


NUK disposable bottles

NUK milk storage bottles

Sterile disposable milk storage bottles in tamper evident wrappers

NUK Classic Disposable Bottles are compatible with the range of NUK Classic Disposable Teats and reusable Cleft Palate Teats available from this official web shop.

Each pre-sterilised bottle is individually wrapped, giving you the peace of mind that the bottle has not been interfered with prior to use.

The NUK Classic Disposable Bottle is suitable for fridge or freezer.

Buy 45ml disposable bottles

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Buy 230ml disposable bottles


NUK disposable soothers

NUK Classic disposable soother

We stock NUK Classic and Specialist Soothers

Made in Germany from natural rubber latex or silicone.

Original orthodontic NUK Shape and anatomically designed mouthshield. Sterile, individually wrapped and ready-to-use.

Recommended for short-term application only.

Buy latex disposable soother size 1 10.181.009

Buy silicone disposable soother size 1 10.181.015

* Enquire about Special Disposable Soother <1750g 10.107.029

* For sale to health professionals only